Friday, June 13, 2014

The Spanish Indefinite Article (a)

Or how to say the word "a" in Spanish

There are four ways to say the definite article "a" in Spanish.

Una goes with feminine singular nouns
Un goes with masculine singular nouns
Unas goes with feminine plural nouns and
Unos goes with masculine plural nouns

Each Spanish indefinite article has to agree in gender with the noun.  The rules for the Spanish indefinite article are similar to the Spanish definite article- that is  to say,  The article and noun have to agree sexually and in how many (singular or plural). It might be a good time to mention that the adjective has to agree sexually and in number too.

indefinite article

Look! The masculine words look like quasi-bald men while the feminine words like like girlies!

Click Spanish indefinite article to learn more.

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