Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Preterite AR Verbs

To conjugate the preterite ( that means past ) AR Spanish verbs you chop off the AR part of the verb and then add the correct ending
here are the endings for the AR verbs:

Yo... é
Tú... aste
Usted... ó

Nosotros... amos

The preterite is the past which makes me think of cemeteries because everyone who is buried there has lives that are in the PAST.

I imagine a grave yard with ghosts making all of these sounds to remind me of the preterite Spanish AR verb endings
Spanish Preterit Conjugation
Just say this to yourself 100 times, "eee Nasty ooo  amos aron" That should keep it in your head until the day you become a ghost.
 The preterit verb endings for the ER and IR verbs follow a similar pattern:

ER  verbs                                                           Ir verb
yo..í                                                              Yo...í
Tú...iste                                                         Tú...iste
Usted...ió                                                       Usted...ió

Nosotros...imos                                            Nosotros...imos
Ustedes...ieron                                              Ustedes...ieron

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


In the last post we went over this and that ( esto y eso ).

This post is about that over there (aquello)

Think of this (esto ) as being closer to you and That (eso) as a little further away. Aquello is the furthest away because it means that over there.

Aquello is the gender neutral version of the entire options that are used based on number and gender.

It breaks down like this:

Aquello ( gender neutral as in, "¿What is that over there?" or in Spanish "¿Qué es aquello?"
Aquel ( singular masculine)
Aquellos ( plural masculine)
Aquella ( singular feminine)
Aquellas (singular feminine)

To identify the aquello adjectives from the esto and eso ones, look at the double LLs that appear in all but one of the aquellos. I imagine the LLs forming a highway to take me to that over there.

Aquello, Aquel, Aquella, Aquellas,, Aquellos