Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Present Progressive

The Present Progressive is the verb tense you use when you want to say what you are doing.
If the verb ends in  ING, it's a fair bet that it is in the Present Progressive Tense.

The Spanish Present Progressive Formula:

Estar ( correctly conjugated to agree with subject)
 The Verb ( with an "ando" or "iendo" added to the end)

Example: Estoy comiendo ( I am eating)

To remember this rule think of two twins Andy and Ion  ( ando and iendo). These two boys are so ADD that they are always doing things.

Examples of the present progressive
Ion is saying: I am moving. We are running
Andy is saying: we are yelling. My knee is bleeding.

iendo ending is for IR verbs/ ando ending is for AR verbs.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Verb SER

The verb ser means to be and it has a conjugation that defies logic as you can see below:

yo         soy                         nosotros    somos
tú         eres  
usted    es                            ustedes     son

Below are my doodles that help me remember this conjugation:
and easier way to remember how to conjugate SER
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