Friday, June 20, 2014

The Difference Between Conocer and Saber

Conocer and Saber both  mean "to know" but there is a difference.

Conocer means to know people or places as in," Do you know that fencing teacher?"
Saber means to know facts and stuff as in, "Do you know how to fence?"

To make the difference between Conocer and Saber clearer, look at the word Conocer:
Doesn't it sound like Can Know Sir as in:
- "Can you know him?"
- Yes, I can know Sir. "
Do you you see the connection? Sir is a person...and you use conocer when talking about people ( and places)

As for Saber, your first thought should be a LIGHTSABER....and lightsabers are employed by science fiction characters and nerds... and nerds know a lot of facts and stuff...and you use Saber when you are talking about facts and stuff.
Conocer and Saber
She is saying, " I know how to use a rocket"

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