Tuesday, June 17, 2014


You  can construct an endless amount of sentences with the word hay. Hay can mean 4 different things
  • There is 
  • There are
  • Is there?    and 
  • Are there?

You can talk for hours by just pointing things out with this word.
Hay un payaso. Hay unos niños. Hay una policía. Hay un arresto.

Or you can come off like a brilliant conversationalist by asking questions with Hay.
¿Hay una baño? ¿ Hay unas toallas?  ¿Hay jabón?  ¿Hay papal higiénico?

To remember the use of the word Hay forever, when you see the word Hay think  about  a hay seed.
 asking brilliant conversation starting questions
hayseed talking
This hay seed has one eye closed as a reminder that the word hay is pronounced like "eye".

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