Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spanish Subject Pronouns

or the first 9 words you need to know to pass Spanish 1.

Subject pronouns in English are I, you, she, he, we, and  they.
Spanish has 9 subject pronouns and they are: 

  1. Yo (I)

Am I the only one who starts the day by saying,"Yo" to myself when I look in the mirror?

2.  Tú (you informal)
I covered Tú in an earlier post but here it is again. Tú is the informal you - which is why she can get away with wearing the B-ball hat. It helps that Tú rhymes with You

3.   (you formal)
Like Tú,  Usted has been discussed. Just look at that big U (you) and picture some formal hot shot looking down  his nose at you.

4.   Él (he)
He- men are good at moving heavy stuff so I picture él looking like a dolly and a he-guy moving stuff with it.

5.   Ella (she)
She of course has everything that he has but add an extra "la" to make it a lady-like

6.   Nosotros (we)
That N on nosotros looks like a roller coaster which always makes me scream,"Weeeee." And look at all of those Os. Don't they look like they are screaming,"weeee" also?  If that doesn't do it for you, Nosotros kind of sounds like nosotrus and us almost means we.
The last 3 do not have a corresponding visual because they are easy
7.   Ustedes (you plural as in "you guys")
 Just add an "es" to make usted plural.
8.   Ellas (she plural)
Just add an "s" and ella becomes plural. I assume you know how to do this.
9.   Ellos (he plural)
Much like él only drop the hyphen, add an  l, add o and you are good to go!

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