Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spanish Verb Conjugation and Word Order

Whenever a verb is conjugated in Spanish, the verb is always conjugated in this order:
(1) Yo                    (4)  Nosotros
(2) Tú
(3) Usted, Él, Ella  (5) Ustedes, Ellos, Ellas

To remember this order, think that you are creating a seating arrangement at a dinner party...
Yo sits at the head of the head of the table. Because that's where I belong. Tú sits next to yo so they can make inappropriate noises- because that is what familiar people do. Usted sits at the end because he is so formal and tends to pass judgment.  But do not feel bad. He has él and ella to keep him company. Nosotros sits at the head of the table with Yo. This way we are all together. Way down on the other end is the rest of them -ustedes, ellos, and ellas.

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