Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Spanish Alphabet

The Spanish alphabet looks and sounds a lot like the English alphabet. Below is the Spanish Alphabet with the pronunciations. The letters in bold have less intuitive pronunciations. I have added some drawings that will help you never forget how to say the trickier letters.

A( a)             
B (be grande)...

C (ce)
D (de)
E (e)
F (efe)
G (ge)...
H (hache)...

I (ee)
J ( jota)
K (ka)
L (ele)
M (eme)
N ( ene)
Ñ (eñe)
O ( oh)
P (pe)
Q (cu)
R (ere)
RR (erre)
S (ese)
T (te)
U (u)
V (ve chica)
W (uve doble)
X (equis)
Y ( I griega)
Z (zeta) 

This Spanish alphabet song will stick in your mind.

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