Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Irregular Stem-Changing Present Tense Spanish Verbs

Learning a list of the irregular Spanish verbs in the present tense is the first big challenge in Spanish.
This is how I break it down:

When I think of the word irregular, I think of people because all people are irregular.

The word PEOPLE tips me off to the 3 changes that happen to the verbs that are irregular.
some verbs have an E that changes to an I
some verbs have an E that changes to an IE
some verbs have an O that changes to an  UE

Since we are thinking of people, have you noticed that people are ether Doctors, QVC shoppers, or they are full pep. If you share this observation, then it will be easier to remember 10 common irregular present tense verbs.

The Doctor  verbs have an E that changes to an I

The QVC and PEPP verbs change from E to IE

to remember the o to ue verbs I use this mnemonic: Al Can Judge Dorm Violence

Which means: Al (almorzar) Can (contar) Judge (jugar) Dorm (dormir) Viol- (volver) Ence(encontar)


  1. You are brilliant! Through your associations and drawings, I am finally able to understand and remember concepts that didn't make sense before. THANK YOU!!

  2. entender no entendar, but hey this is awesome stuff


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