Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Irregular Present Tense Spanish Verbs/ Only In The Yo Form

Some present tense verbs only have a messed-up spelling when it is conjugated in the YO form.

Here are the 5 most common for Spanish beginners:

Salir => Yo Salgo
Traer => Yo Traigo
Oir => Yo Oigo *
Poner => Yo Pongo
Hacer => Yo Hago

The first thing you should have noticed is that all of these words end in GO. GO should make you thing of  STOP. And STOP has all the first letters of these irregular verbs. If you picture a stop sign being cut in Half, you have the H of hacer.

For those who need a visual, see below:

Spanish mnemonic
If you cut a stop sign in half, you also end up with 5 sides...the same number of irregular verbs in this list.

* Oir is goofy in all of it's conjugations but I used it here because it is messed up in the yo form and I needed the  O to spell STOP. Here is the complete conjugation of OIR

Yo Oigo
tú oyes
usted oye
nosotros oímos
ustedes oyen

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