Monday, June 6, 2016

Past Participle Irregulars

Imagine two friends talking in their own shorthand about some poor bastard's inappropriate behavior, 
When they mean to say, " Him?? Definitely a pervert!" they might say "Him?? Def a prrv!" Which is a handy mnemonic for 10 common verbs that are irregular in the Past Participle

Hacer ( hecho)
Imprimir (impreso)                                  HIM
Morir (Muerto)

Decir ( dicho)
Escribir ( escrito)                                      DEF                            
Freír (frito)

Abrir (abierto)                                            A

Poner ( puesto)
Romper ( roto)
Resolver (resuelto)                                  PRRV
Volver ( Vuelto)

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