Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Spanish Past Participle

A past participle is a verb that is used as an adjective.


Take the verb To Fuck.  If you were to say I'm Fucked, you have used a  verb (to fuck)  that has been reassigned as an adjective. In other words, it is a past participle

Many past participles in English are formed by adding ed at the of the verb.

The Spanish past participle is almost as easy.

Step 1

  cut off the ar er or ir ending

Step 2
Either add ada or ida depending on what kind of verb ending it has.
(ar verbs get ada. ir and er verbs get ida)

 I've likened the forming of the  Past participle  to a gender reassignment surgery so that it will be harder to forget.

First step is to  cut a few particles off  the verb.


Second step  is to attach the new particles that will make it a past participle
You have to admit that the new ending looks a lot like "bells on a pole" which ties in nicely with my idea that forming the Past Participle is akin to a gender reassignment surgery.

FYI, Joder means to fuck.

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  1. awesome! I love the drawings and find this very refreshing.


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