Thursday, November 13, 2014

Indirect Objects

The Indirect Object is the noun to whom the Direct Object is being given or told.

For example: I gave the pizza to the pirate. 

Pizza is the Direct object because it answers the question "Who or what did I give?"
The Pirate is the Indirect Object because it answers the question, " to whom did I give the Direct Object ( the pizza) ?"

The Indirect Object is also known as IO.
And if you look closely, IO looks like sideways pair of pirate boots and a pizza. And pirates ask questions like to whom or to what. At least the ones I personally know do!

I prove my point about pirates asking to whom and that IO looks like a pirate's boots next to a pizza with this illustration...

Indirect Object and pirate Jack Sparrow
See, pirates do ask, "to whom". The IO is in the lower right hand corner.

To find the DO,  ask  "who or what "
to find the IO,  ask "to who"  or "for what"

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