Thursday, November 6, 2014

Direct Objects

If you have to pass a first year Spanish class or a 7th grade English class, you will have to learn what a Direct Object is.

A Direct Object is the noun in the sentence that is getting verbed.

For example: The owl eats veggie burgers.

find the verb ( eats ) and ask, "who or what  is getting verbed ( or in this case eaten) ?
The answer  ( and the direct object ) is veggie burgers.

Sometimes a Direct Object is called a DO for short. The letters DO look like owl eyes and owls make noises that sound like "hoo hoo" which  sounds like  "who?  who?" which is what you ask yourself when you are trying to find the Direct Object. 
Direct Object
 To find the DO, ask yourself hoo or what is being verbed.

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