Friday, July 11, 2014

Por and Para (part 2)


Use Por to mean for when you want to say:

What is being picked up (I am going for veggie burgers.)
Because of ( I know a restaurant famous for  veggie burgers)
By way of ( I am going to call first by telephone.)
For how long ( We will eat for 3 hours)
Through ( We drive through many streets.)
An exchange for ( We pay $6.00 for two veggie burger)

To put Por in your head forever imagine that Por looks like a veggie burger.

 This should remind you of lunch. If your place of work is like mine, there is always a vegatarian ( at my office, it is me) who states loudly what they are going to have for lunch (Voy a ir POR una hamburguesa vegana). I may add some more details ( Yo sé un restarante famoso POR sus hamburguesas). There is only one friend who is on board and she might say, "Voy a llamar POR telefono." We tell work how long we will be gone ( Vamos a comer POR tres horas). We get in the car and drive through many streets (Manejamos POR muchas calles.) Finally, we pay for the veggie burgers ( Pagamos $6.00 POR las  hamburguesas veganas.)
The P represents THROUGH.  The O represents FOR HOW LONG. The R represents an exchange.

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