Thursday, July 3, 2014

Por and Para (part 1)

Por and Para both mean "for" ( and "to" and "by") And if you think about it, for has a lot of meanings. 


Use Para when you mean to say:

A point in time (I need to land by [for] nighttime.)
A point of view ( For me, this is very fun.)
A point, purpose or goal ( I use a helmet to [for] protect my head.)
A destination ( I am going to [for] earth)
For whom something is for ( This vacation is for me)
For what category ( for a cat, I am brave.)

To bring this all together, first look at the word PARA and then think of Parachute. Now imagine that you are parachuting with two cats and the 3 of you are going to land on 3 different points ( point of view, point in time, and the point).You tell the cats where you are going (destination) while they answer back in typical cat fashion. It might look something like this:
(The English translation of the following sentences are above.)
I tried to draw the points to look like little landing targets to fit in with the parachute theme.
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Great Por and Para explanation

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