Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hace...Que With Past Tense Verbs

Hace... que with a present tense verb says how long you have been doing something that you are still jacking with now.

Hace...que with a past tense verb says how long AGO you did something.

For example, use Hace +Time Frame + Que + Present Tense Verb to say how long you have been smoking. Hace quince años que fumo. ( It  has been 15 years that I have been smoking).

When you quit smoking, and you want to say how long AGO  you quit, use the same formula above but use a past tense verb.

Hace + Time Frame+ Que + Past Tense Verb = AGO

 Hace dos minutos que dejé de fumar. ( I quit smoking two minutes ago)

The convoluted way I remember that hace...que with a past tense verb means ago goes something like this:

Ago sounds a lot like Ago-go - as in Go-Go boots. Go-Go boots are a fashion from the past. I picture the hace...que formula but this time the Verb part of it is wearing said boots from the past. This indicates that the statement is referring to how long AGO something happened.

To jolt my memory, this is what I see in my mind's eye or scribbled on a discrete portion of my forearm.

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