Monday, March 28, 2016

Spanish Commands

Conjugating Spanish commands is so similar to conjugating  the Spanish subjunctive that the two verb tenses look a lot like twins and in most cases, the they are.

The family relationship between the Spanish Subjunctive and Spanish Commands breaks down like this:

The Identical  Quadruplets:
The Spanish Subjunctive
The Usted Command ( both positive and negative)
The Ustedes Command ( both positive and negative)
The Tú Command ( Negative only)

These guys all are conjugated the same way ( put in yo form. Chop off the O. Add the ER present tense ending if it is an AR verb or add the AR  present tense ending if it is an ER or IR verb)
These guys all have the same irregular verbs which are Dar, Ir, Estar, Saber, and Ser.
These guy all follow the CAR GAR ZAR spelling changes.

The Fraternal Twin
The Nosotros/as commands are just like the above with the exception of one strange quirk. The positive  command for the verb  Ir is VAMOS and the negative IR command is NO VAYAMOS.

The Family Bastard
 The Tú positive command is a bastard in two important ways. First, it has a conjugation that defies logic ( conjugate by using whatever the  present usted  form  of the verb is). Then, it has 8 crazy irregular verbs.
Spanish Subjunctive/Spanish Command Family Tree
Spanish Commands
The Bastard  of the Family
Tú commands

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