Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Introductions in Spanish

Sorry introverts.
Whether you are taking a Spanish class in a real school or you are taking a just- for- fun version, all Spanish teachers are the same in that you will have to introduce everyone in the class to each other. 

Just say this, "Quiero presentarte a (name of person you are introducing )" (informal version)
"Quiero presentarle a ( name of person you are introducing)" ( formal version)

It is a 5-step process

1 Quiero ( I want )
2 Presentar ( to present)
3 Te or Le ( to you)
4 A  (this is the personal A. It means nothing to English speakers)
5 Name of person that you are introducing

5 steps means that you can write each one on a finger

Spanish introductions
Easy to read when you are shaking hands

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